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Here is a small collection of links and a brief description that are of general interest to the astronomy crowd or as a courtesy for other site listing our page (or both).

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Astronomy Clubs

Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

The Astronomical League : - International League for Astronomy Enthusiasts

Astronomical Society of Harrisburg - Astronomy Club in Harrisburg, PA in central PA

Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association - Astronomy Club for Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Southeastern PA

ChesMont Astronomy Club - Astronomy Club for Chester and Montgomery Counties in Southeastern PA

Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers : Astronomy Club for Southeastern PA

Greater Hazleton Area Astronomical Society : - Astronomical Club for Hazleton, PA

International Dark Sky Association - Dedicated to preserving our Dark Sky thru Light Pollution Prevention.

Lackawanna Astro. Society - Astronomy Club for Lackawanna County in Northeastern PA

LVAAS Homepage : The Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society Homepage

Penn State Astronomy Club -

Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council - Find out how to fight Light Pollution in your Neighborhood

Peoria Astronomical Society - A great web site for universe of Astronomical Maps and Data

Reading Astronomical Society Homepage : Reading, England's Astronomy Society Homepage

Stellafane : The Web Home of the Springfield Telescope Makers

York County Astronomical Society Homepage : Home Page for the Mason-Dixon Star Party, York County, PA

Club Members Home Pages

Mike Bashore's  - Astro Photos Page

Priscilla Andrews - The Crystal Cove

Larry Citro - Larry's page contains numerous images he has created using his CCD equipment

Interactive Astronomical Help Areas

Astronomy Cafe - Answers to common astronomy questions and many other interesting astronomy related pictures, sounds and links.

Build a Solar System -  Interactive web site that lets you pull in random dimensions for solar system object then it calculates the rest of the solar system dimensions for you.

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams - Official Site to Report a Comet, Super Nova, Fire Ball, Meteorite Fall and More That You Have Discovered

Eclipse Online - Informational Eclipse Page on Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Espenak's Eclipse Home Page - Fred Espenak's ultimate resource for online eclipse information

Heavens-Above - Find Satellites, Space Station, Shuttles, Iridium Flares, Comets with charts and times generated for your location on Earth.

Home Planet Release 3.1 - Astronomical Planetarium Software for viewing sky charts on your PC. Public Domain Software, No Charge!!

Jovian Moon Position Java Applet - See the locations of the moons of Jupiter and any shadows visible by keying in the time you wish to view the planet

Latitude and Longitude Finder - Nine Zoom Levels to Close in on Your Exact Location

Limiting Magnitude Reference Guide - Limiting Magnitude Calculator to Allow You to Determine Seeing Conditions of The Night Sky

Lunar Occultation Timing Association - Website containing a list of all Lunar Occultation's

Lunar Occultation Workbench - Freeware Program to predict the Occultation of any of the eight planets or 53879 stars. Newer versions available.

MAPMuse - Interactive Site to find Planetariums, Observatories, and Astronomy Clubs

NOVA Astronomic - Earth Centered Universe program (planetarium/star charts)

Celestia - Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions - Free Sky Maps each month

Sky & Telescopes Sky Chart - Interactive Sky Charts

Sky & Telescopes - Tips on Astronomical Observing - Miscellaneous observing tips

Topo Zone - interactive web site to view topographical maps of the entire US and determine the Latitude, Longitude and elevation of any spot.


Universe Today - Planetaria Link Page

The Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery: - including the Reading Planetarium schedules

Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory - Italian Observatory Site, Gianluca Masi, Ceccano (FR) Italy

Sites of General Interest

Astronomy Picture of the Day : A new astronomy picture every day : Berks Mineralogical Society

John and Janet's Constellation Page : Constellation Photograph with and w/o connection lines

Earth and Sky Homepage : A National Daily Syndicated Astronomical Broadcast Station with a new astronomical bit of information every day.

Earth Viewer : An interesting place to look around.

Galileo homepage, Project : Homepage for the Galileo probe. Pretty nifty.

Groovy Adventures - The name says it all, click and browse for yourself

HEASARC's General Astronomy Resources page : Basic astronomy stuff, news, info, links, etc.

Hubble (Space Telescope) Home Page : The newest Hubble images, news, etc. A must see.

Hubble Space Telescope News - Hubble Space Telescope site News Releases

NASA Human Space Flight Page - See the Space Shuttle's and International Space Stations orientation and location in orbit

MARS - Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport - NASA's Wallops Island, VA  Space Facility

Nerd World : A page with basically everything to do with knowledge and leisure.

SEDS Homepage : (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) SEDS homepage. - Very informative Space web site with news and info on everything Space

The Ten Planets -   Web site with a ton of information on all of the planets and moons of our solar system

The Space Place - Helpful Space Information

United Space Alliance Live Data - Live Shuttle Mission Data and positions (Java Script needed to view)

The Universe Today - Daily Space and astronomy related news.;; Keep up to date the the Universe

Astronomy Shopping and Dealer Sites

Astronomy Mall - Astronomy equipment sell/buy site

Celestron International - Optics and Telescope Manufacturer - Replacement caps and plugs to fit eyepieces and other equipment

Jim Kendrick Studio - Telescope Accessory Manufacturer and Retailer

Meade - Optics and Telescope Manufacturer

Orion Telescopes Online - Optics and Telescope Retailer

Project Pluto - Developer of Guide Software Astronomy Program

Shutan Camera and Video - Optics and Telescope Retailer

SpaceMartGifts - Astronomy Gifts & Space Gifts- T-shirts & Sweats, Hats & Baseball Caps, Posters & Greeting Cards, Mugs, and other Space & Astronomy Gifts!

Stars Mars and More - Portable Planetarium Business By Nick Plato, Astronomy Teacher at Penn State Berks Campus  

Televue Optics - Manufacturer of Quality Optics

Willmann-Bell, Inc. - Astronomical Publishers and Booksellers

Astronomical Publications Online

Astronomy Magazine

SKY Online - Your Astronomy Source on the World Wide Web

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