I’ve compiled a list of links to sites I think are really neat/informative/thought-provoking.  Have fun and be sure to send me your feedback  and/or suggestions! 

Educational/Informative Sites - Up-to-the-minute, breaking news on all things space and science.  It’s as current as current events get! - Photos,, video tutorials, press releases and a groovy site for kids to learn more about our awesome universe! - A site wwhere you can ask any science question you have and get an answer from a real scientist!  Check out their “Random Knowledge Generator” or their extensive archive of FAQ’s. - “The webssite for the astronomically disadvantaged”, hosted by Dr. Sten Odenwald.  Topics range from purely scientific to inexplicable phenomena that really weirds people out

Humorous Astronomy/Science Sites - Funny stoories, jokes and one-liners that astronomers can really appreciate.  The “dirty” list is great! - Check out the “fun” section for jokes, cartoons and prose about physics and astronomy. - Yeah, it’s a mouthful for your browser, but the laughs you get are worth it! 

Neat Stuff - Amateur astronomy photographer who posts his work on the web for others to see. - A great ttool for getting the skinny on solar activity, comets, aurorae, and the general “weather” in the “Earth-Sun environment”. - A look into ancient civilizations and their impact on how we view the night sky today!

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