Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society

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Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society

9/10/15 Meeting

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September 10, 2015, 7:30 pm, Bicentennial House in West Reading

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Tonight's speaker will be Peter Detterline.

Astronomy from Chile:  Connecting the Cosmos to the Earth

What is it like to be at the highest observatory in the world?  What can I see in the southern sky on Easter Island?  How much does a black hole weigh?  Peter Detterline was one of nine people selected to become an “Astronomy Ambassador” to Chile and will answer these questions and more.  Follow his adventure as he gives you the “back stage” tour of some of the major observatories, the southern skies, and the astronomy performed there.  Learn how amateur astronomy is done in that country, and take a look at the future of telescopes. Peter is an avid sky watcher, and for the past 33 years the director of the Boyertown Planetarium.  He has traveled the world viewing astronomical phenomena and gaining insights into the universe.


9/12/15 Hopewell Furnace Solar Observing

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September 12, 2015 11:00 am at the Hopewell Furnace Visitor Center, near the parking lot.

Have you ever wondered what the Sun looks like?  Members of BCAAS will have special telescopes set up that will allow you to safely look at the Sun.  You will be able to see sunspots and flares.  Check here for event status if it is cloudy, as our telescopes can't see through clouds.


9/18/15 Anogora Fruit Farm Star Watch

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September 18, 2015, 7:30 pm Angora Fruit Farm at Antietam Lake Park

Come view and the night sky through club member telescopes.  See craters on the Moon and Saturn's rings. Observing is only possible if the sky is fairly clear.  Check here for status if the weather is questionable.




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